B.C.’s economy is dependent on the commerce generated from the Port of Vancouver and our coastal waterways. Shipdocking, stevedoring, longshoring, tugboats and ferries all play a vital role in the province’s economy.

In this highly unionized environment, employers must contend with many complex collective agreements that affect their workers, and negotiations and bargaining are necessary as agreements are renewed. It’s also a highly competitive atmosphere, where efficiency and a stable workforce can be critical to the bottom line.

Harris & Company LLP has been providing legal services to the marine industry since the firm’s inception in 1992. Our practice in this area is considerable and diverse spanning both public and private sector clients engaged in:

  • Ship building and repair;
  • Shipping companies;
  • Barge and log towing;
  • Commercial vessel owners;
  • Shipdocking/drydocking;
  • Stevedoring;
  • Longshoring; and
  • Ferries.

We are intimately familiar with the various unions that represent workers in this industry. We are also familiar with the collective agreements under which the industry must operate.

We provide these clients with a wide range of services including:

  • Collective bargaining and strategy;
  • Collective agreement interpretation;
  • Labour dispute contingency planning;
  • Representing clients at arbitrations and the labour relations board;
  • Drafting and implementing policy and procedure manuals;
  • Employment standards, including representation at tribunals;
  • Absenteeism and performance issues, including investigations;
  • Human rights and accommodation, including representation at tribunals;
  • Health & safety issues and Workers Compensation;
  • Corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions;
  • Representation in provincial and federal courts;
  • Privacy; and
  • Litigation.