Legal News

Bill 55 – Teaching Profession Amendment Act Introduced in Legislature

On May 13, 2004, the BC Government introduced Bill 55, the Teaching Profession Amendment Act, 2004. The proposed legislation amends the Teaching Profession Act in order to further clarify the role of the British Columbia College of Teachers (the “College”). The proposed amendments to the Teaching Profession Act will:

  • increase the number of elected members on the College Council from eight to twelve;
  • require three of the eight appointed members to be members of the College;
  • require all Council members to take an oath of office;
  • increase the term for Council members from two to three years;
  • merge certification and membership in the College of Teachers. (teachers must continue to be certified by the College in order to teach).

In addition to the amendments relating to the Council, Bill 55 also amends the requirement that members of the College report the misconduct of other members and clarifies the circumstances in which members must make such reports. Under the proposed amendments, a member must report another member when the professional misconduct involves any of the following:

  • physical harm to a student;
  • sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of a student
  • the significant emotional harm to a student.