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Bill 2, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Act Receives Royal Assent

Further to our previous article regarding BC’s proposed legislation to make September 30th a provincial statutory holiday, Bill 2 – the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Act – recently received Royal Assent on March 9, 2023. Accordingly, going forward, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation will be observed as a public holiday in BC each year on September 30th.

Bill 2 specifically amends the definition of “statutory holiday” in the BC Employment Standards Act to include the “National Day for Truth and Reconciliation”. It also amends the definition of “holiday” in the BC Election Act to include this day.

As previously identified, as a result of Bill 2, BC employers will now need to provide eligible employees with a paid day off work, or provide pay at premium rates if employees must perform work on the new statutory holiday. In unionized workplaces, the effect of the Bill will depend on the specific language in each collective agreement.

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