Wood, pulp and paper, and logging have always been, and continue to be an essential element in B.C.’s economy.  However, like most commodity-based industries, demand can change based on a variety of factors, both political and economic.  This reality creates ongoing challenges for the forestry industry as a whole.  Our clients must be kept abreast of the latest requirements concerning Workers Compensation legislation, privacy law and the many other legal regimes which affect the employment relationship.  In addition, our advice is often called upon the assist in resolving challenging operational requirements such as balancing the requirements of technology with the need to hire and retain skilled trades people.

Our clients include pulp & paper mills, sawmills, plywood manufacturers, fibreboard mills and logging contractors.

We guide companies through consolidation and closure, advising on all aspects of labour relations, strategy, and planning. We offer employers a competitive boost in a challenging market by helping them streamline processes and foster cooperative relationships with unions and employees. Our roots in labour law mean we’ve advised on collective bargaining and arbitration for decades.

Harris lawyers have long-standing relationships not just with our clients, but also with various active industry organizations of which our clients are members. In many instances, these relationships, both individual and industry wide, allow us to serve as a form of corporate memory for employment and labour matters. This is of particular value for organizations with multiple operations.

Our services for forestry clients include:

  • A full range of strategic employment law advice, including with regard to employment standards;
  • Human rights;
  • Employment litigation (i.e. wrongful dismissal);
  • Labour relations;
  • Advice on and participation in negotiation of collective agreements and restrictions;
  • Court injunctions;
  • Occupational Health & Safety;
  • Workers Compensation;
  • Government relations;
  • Privacy; and
  • Commercial Litigation.