Immigration forms an integral part of COVID-19 recovery planning for the Canadian economy and employers in Canada who want to remain competitive on a global scale and thrive. We work seamlessly with employers of all sizes from multinational corporations to startups, from institutions to not-for-profit organizations and charities, and across various industries including technology, energy, mining, agriculture, hospitality, education, and healthcare.

At Harris, we provide integrated and streamlined workplace solutions to employment and immigration issues by providing strategic, timely and efficient advice for employers to bring their global workforce to Canada on temporary and permanent assignments. We can provide proactive guidance to employers on compliance with immigration program requirements and advocacy on behalf of employers in the event of immigration compliance reviews.

We also share our seasoned immigration expertise with individuals seeking to make temporary and permanent pathways to Canada – to reunite with family members; overcome inadmissibility (if applicable); renew permanent resident status; or become a Canadian citizen.

We provide our services in most aspects of immigration law, including:

  • Corporate planning regarding relocation of employees for work, visits to Canada as well as permanent residency for permanent relocation
  • Proactive advice on employer compliance matters (such as immigration compliance policy and protocol) as well as representation on behalf of employers in the event of employer compliance reviews
  • Business visitors
  • Work permit exemptions for after-sales services providers, performing artists, as well as other work authorizations
  • Work permits for intra-company transfers of senior executives, specialized-knowledge employees, professionals, or other labour-market-impact assessment exempted situations and professionals applying at the port of entry, within Canada or at visa offices outside Canada
  • Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs) from Employment and Social Development Canada
  • 24/7 on-call support (as needed) to foreign nationals and advocacy on behalf of applicants through communication with immigration officers during border crossing process
  • Special temporary permits to overcome inadmissibility (due to a previous criminal conviction, overstay or medical condition)
  • Applications for accompanying spouses and children of employees
  • Permanent residence for skilled workers (federal and provincial programs)
  • Sponsorship of spouses and other family members
  • Canadian citizenship
  • General border-crossing advice (including COVID-19 policy requirements on entry and quarantine) and all other immigration matters as needed