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Health Employers Association and BC Nurses Conclude a Framework Agreement for Bargaining

The Health Employers Association of British Columbia (“HEABC”) and the BC Nurses’ Bargaining Association (“NBA”) have concluded a Framework Agreement which sets guidelines for negotiations to renew the Nurses Provincial Agreement, which expired March 31, 2004.

Under the Framework Agreement, the HEABC agrees that it will not seek any reduction in nurses’ hourly wage rates, benefits or time off entitlements. In return, the NBA has agreed to no increase in total compensation.

The Framework Agreement provides for policy discussions to take place, which will be chaired by the Assistant Deputy Minister of Health Services. These discussions will be aimed at developing bargaining recommendations relating to a number of issues including numbers of full-time nursing positions; shift scheduling; hours of work; employment of graduate nurses; and phased retirement.

The NBA and the HEABC have also agreed to address certain issues including the Occupational Health and Safety Agency for Health Care, long-term disability benefits, supplementary benefits and bumping rights. The Framework Agreement provides that if the parties cannot reach agreement on any of these issues, they will recommend to their members that the provisions of the current Agreement will be extended to March 31, 2006.


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