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Criminal Records Review Act Amendments

The Public Safety Statutes Amendment Act, 2007 proposes expansion of the scope of the Criminal Records Review Act to help prevent the physical and sexual abuse of children.

If a criminal record review of a person covered by the Criminal Records Review Act reveals an outstanding charge or conviction for an enumerated offence, a determination is made as to whether the person presents a risk of physical or sexual abuse to children. If that determination is affirmative, an employer must ensure that the person does not work with children and is not hired for a job that involves working with children.

The Amendment Act proposes expansion of the protection provided by the Criminal Records Review Act by:

  1. adding offences committed outside Canada to the enumerated offences which trigger a determination;
  2. extending its application to teachers in independent schools and education students who work with children; and
  3. requiring employees currently required to provide a criminal record check authorization to do so every five years (employees now are only subject to record checks on the commencement of their employment).

Link to Bill 16 – 1st Reading: Public Safety Statutes Amendment Act