Class Action Lawsuit Launched Against WorkSafeBC

A class action lawsuit has recently been launched against WorkSafeBC and the province of British Columbia on behalf of employees and family members of employees employed in the Babine and Lakeland sawmills that exploded in 2012. The two explosions killed four people and injured 42 others at the sawmills located in Burns Lake and Prince George.

The notice of civil claim seeks, among other things, general damages, damages for lost wages, medical treatments, punitive and exemplary damages and a declaration that WorkSafeBC’s inspections and investigations of the mills and explosions were negligent, breached WorkSafeBC’s fiduciary duties to the plaintiffs and infringed the plaintiffs’ section 7 Charter right to life and security of the person.

This highly unusual claim will be interesting for all parties to follow as the proceedings move forward.

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