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Changes Made to BC Register of Arbitrators

The BC Collective Agreement Arbitration Bureau trains and educates arbitrators and settlement officers, researches and publishes information concerning arbitrations and settlements, and establishes and maintains a Register of Arbitrators pursuant to Section 83(2) of the Labour Relations Code. A Joint Advisory Committee of the BC Labour Relations Board provides advice to the Director of the Bureau on these matters.

Recently, the Committee reviewed the Register of Arbitrators and approved the following additions to the Register:

  • Guy Beaulieu
  • George Fuller
  • John Hall
  • Tony Hickling
  • Irene Holden
  • John Steeves
  • Chris Sullivan

The Committee has also accepted requests from the following arbitrators to have their names removed from the Register:

  • Ken Albertini
  • Alex Brokenshire
  • Jim McIntyre
  • Allan Hope


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