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Canada Imposes Visa Requirements on Mexico and the Czech Republic

As of July 15, 2009, Mexican and Czech nationals will require a visa to travel to Canada.

The Canadian government revoked the visa-exemption previously in place for Mexico and the Czech Republic due to significant increases in refugee claims from these countries.

The change means that Mexican and Czech nationals who want to work in Canada will need to obtain both a work permit and a Temporary Resident Visa before coming to Canada. The introduction of the temporary visa requirement is expected to increase the time it takes to process work permit applications for workers from these countries.

The change also impacts employers who currently have Mexican and Czech nationals working for them in Canada. A Mexican or Czech national who is currently working in Canada does not have to obtain a temporary resident visa to continue to work in Canada, provided that they do not leave Canada. If, however, a Mexican or Czech worker leaves Canada for any reason the worker will be required to obtain a temporary resident visa before being allowed to re-enter Canada and re-commence employment.

Since delays in the processing of temporary resident visas are expected, employers should advise employees who are Mexican or Czech nationals to immediately apply for a Multiple Entry Temporary Resident Visa. This will ensure that Mexican and Czech workers are able to return to Canada without delay, in the event they leave the country.