In the early days of the technology industry in B.C., the existence of strong training programs in our universities, colleges and trade schools meant access to skilled workers. This, in turn, allowed Metro Vancouver to become a hotbed of development. This base has continued to grow and today, the technology industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the province.

However, it’s not without its challenge. There is intense competition for talent. High-tech employers are expected to create culture-rich workplaces that meet millennial expectations for quick advancement, perks and high quality of life.

Competition and tight time lines mean that workers must be flexible in terms of their hours. As most high-tech employees are exempt from B.C. Employment Standards regulations, it’s up to employers to find a balance between production realities and worker job satisfaction.

Many technology companies in B.C. are also facing potential unionization.

Harris & Company LLP has been there for B.C.’s technology sector from the beginning of the tech boom. We understand the unique cultures and environments of the various disciplines that make up the technology industry. Our clients include information technology companies, software developers, animation studios and video game developers.

In addition to a full range of employment and labour law services, we also provide advice on:

  • All aspects of employment law, including contracts and restrictive covenants;
  • Workplace disputes, including investigation and discipline;
  • Human rights and accommodation (including sexual harassment and bullying);
  • Privacy law and data security;
  • All aspects of labour law;
  • Workplace training; and
  • Commercial litigation.

We have considerable experience in assisting companies in B.C. to deal with threats of unionization. We also place a focus on pre-emptive activities such as training of managers and staff to help companies avoid risk or potentially litigious situations. However, when needed, we are able to represent our clients before the labour relations board, tribunals or the courts.


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