The 60 school districts and numerous independent schools that comprise the K-12 education sector in this province are charged with delivering educational programs to enable learners to develop their individual potential and contribute to a healthy and productive society.

In addition to ensuring the delivery of quality educational programs, schools must also address day-to-day issues which may touch on the following:

  • Labour relations issues such as grievances and arbitrations, especially with regard to teacher support staff;
  • Investigation and discipline regarding employee conduct issues;
  • Bargaining, including dealing with strikes, lock-outs and picketing;
  • Employment issues, including those around exempt staff;
  • Board governance;
  • Service contracts;
  • Student issues, including human rights claims;
  • Parent complaints;
  • Concerns regarding privacy and FIPPA;
  • Risk management; and
  • School closures.

The K-12 Law Group at Harris & Company acts for both public and independent schools. We have worked with every school district in the province and have significant experience in the independent school sector, here in B.C. and Alberta.

Our lengthy history of working with this sector has resulted in a depth of experience and an enviable library of records and precedents. We know the issues, the environments in which they must be resolved, and the parties involved. We guide our clients through any issue that might arise, from that initial phone call, through investigations and the discipline process. We help you to find the right path in each circumstance.

We appreciate that legal issues for this sector frequently occur in a time crunch. Clients require quick response and speedy resolution. Our breadth and depth of experience means that we may already have the answer.