Our clients include societies and non-profits, religious organizations, charitable foundations, non-governmental organizations, seniors’ services and other local organizations providing community and social services.

Community and social service organizations work hard to balance the provision of quality core services under budget constraints. They face many challenges including unpredictable funding, government mandates and shared service agreements, all of which can have an impact on HR and labour relations.

Given the nature of these organizations and the vulnerability of the people they serve, our clients are subject to a degree of public scrutiny.

Organizations in this sector must also comply with the new Societies Act, which came into effect in 2016 and allows for a two-year transition period in which to come into compliance.

We assist clients with all workforce issues, including the following:

  • Human rights and diversity, including representation at tribunals;
  • Employment standards;
  • General employment law and advice on employment contracts and policy development;
  • Organizational changes such as restructuring, closures and consolidation;
  • Pensions and benefits;
  • Workplace safety (including Occupational Health & Safety) and insurance;
  • Resident/client issues;
  • Pay equity;
  • Privacy and CASL compliance;
  • Collective bargaining and agreements;
  • Representation at arbitrations and at labour boards or at wrongful dismissal trials;
  • Training on various workplace law-related topics;
  • Wrongful dismissal litigation; and
  • Commercial litigation.