With only a handful of major national and regional operators in Canada, this is a very competitive marketplace. Airlines contend with a number of factors beyond their control such as fuel prices, economic trends, and a shifting consumer landscape.

As passengers continue to seek out the cheapest fares possible, airlines are exploring low-cost carriers. It is more critical than ever for airlines to maintain a stable and productive workforce if they are to survive in this challenging and heavily unionized business environment.

With over 30 years of experience in this industry, our clients include international, national and regional airlines, parts manufacturers and suppliers, service providers to the industry, and airport authorities.

We provide our clients in this industry with a full range of employment and labour law services including:

  • Interpretation of collective agreements;
  • Bargaining strategies;
  • Employee discipline including terminations;
  • Privacy issues regarding employees; and
  • Employment Litigation.

We have a thorough understanding of the provincial and federal regulations guiding the industry. We also have considerable experience in working with the various unions involved (such as those representing pilots, flight attendants, machinists, reservation agents, and airport staff).

In addition to dealing with issues, we place emphasis on helping out clients to avoid issues. Our longevity in this field means we can predict how the various parties may react to issues. This enables us to help our clients develop and implement strategies to keep business on-route. We also provide training to management and employees to minimize the risk of an issue arising.