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Report of Jobs and Time Accord Issued

The report of jobs and timber accord advocate Garry Wouters on BC forest policy was issued April 5, 2000. The report, titled “Shaping Our Future, BC Forest Policy Review” makes a number of recommendations. They include:

  • completion of land use plans within three years
  • government designation of areas for parks and working forests
  • increased first nations access to forests through interim agreements
  • establishment of an independent commissions to review factors affecting sustainable long-term harvest levels
  • government encouragement for a new market model to increase the value of BC wood products
  • establishment of regional log markets and a basing stumpage charges on market transactions
  • establishment of forest stewardship agreements shifting tenures from volume to area
  • establishment of a forest research and development fund to promote new science and technology, to be financed from existing stumpage fees paid to Forest Renewal BC
  • establishment of a $30 million Community Diversification Fund from existing Forest Renewal BC funds, to be managed by communities
  • increased community access to forest tenures
  • establishment of an implementation commission responsible for ensuring the recommendations in the report are carried out
  • re-organization of government to streamline its functions and reduce overlap and duplication
  • giving the Land Use Coordination Office power to finalize decisions required to complete and implement land use plans

Forests Minister Jim Doyle said that the ministry would study the report carefully.