Harris & Company has one of the most respected and experienced Workers’ Compensation groups in B.C. and is widely recognized as a leader in this area. We are deeply familiar with the governing legislation in this area (the Workers Compensation Act). In fact, one of our practitioners helped to write it. We are also founding members of the Employers Forum and help to foster discussion on the latest developments and caselaw in this area.

When accidents happen, our role is to help to ensure you follow the appropriate protocols, and ultimately to reduce your costs. We ensure that you, as the employer, receive the most appropriate rate group classification. We help you to navigate entitlement issues, appeals, and transfer-of-cost applications to the Workers’ Compensation Board. These services are critical because a claim today can set a precedent (such as for payments and premiums) that can impact future claims. We also advise on accident investigation and reporting, return to work of injured employees, and employee absences and accommodation issues.

Our services include:

  • Employers’ obligation to register;
  • Employer classification for assessment purposes, and experience rating;
  • Strategies to reduce insurance assessments;
  • Employer notification obligations regarding workplace injuries and occupational disease claims;
  • Workers’ Compensation claims adjudication and appeals;
  • Workers’ Compensation wage loss and permanent disability pension benefits; and
  • Applications for workers’ compensation claims cost relief;
  • We help to reduce claims through proactive accident prevention (such as review of policies and procedures, and training), and the development of effective claims management systems.