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Industrial Inquiry Commission Issues Decision for VILRC School Boards

The Industrial Inquiry Commission in the school district support staff collective bargaining disputes has issued its decision for the remaining school districts that have not already settled and are not part of the Vancouver Island Labour Relations Council (“VILRC”). The Commission’s decision for the VILRC school boards was issued on May 30 2000. Under section 5 of the Public Education Support Staff Collective Bargaining Assistance Act, the school boards and their support staff locals have seven days in which to settle the contract language flowing from the decision. The decision provides that many language issues will be settled by the Commission using final offer selection if not otherwise settled by the parties in a district. These include the support staff job security fund, four hour minimum work day, seniority rights for casual and temporary employees, threshold ability selection clauses, and contracting out provisions. The Commission consisting of mediator and arbitrator Vince Ready and Labour Relations Board Associate Chair Irene Holden was appointed under Part 1 of the Act.