BC minimum wage

Increases to BC Minimum Wage Now in Effect

As of September 15, 2015, the minimum wage payable in British Columbia is $10.45 per hour pursuant to the Employment Standards Regulation 396/95.

The statutory amendment also provides for a number of other increases including:

  • The minimum hourly wage rate for liquor servers is now $9.20
  • The minimum daily wage rate for live-in home support workers is now $104.50 and for live-in camp leaders $83.60
  • Resident caretakers are now entitled to receive $627.00 monthly plus $25.13 per suite for apartment buildings containing 9 to 60 residential suites, and $2,135.71 monthly for apartment buildings containing 61 or more residential suites.

The amendment also provides increases to the piece work minimums for farm workers.

A copy of the Order in Council is available here.

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