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Immigration: Expedited Processing Expanded

Human Resources and Social Development Canada has announced expansion of the Expedited Labour Market Opinion pilot project (E-LMO) to include 21 new occupations in addition to the 12 covered when the program was established in September, 2007. The waiting period for immigration applications for positions covered by the expanded program will drop from a maximum of five months to five days.

The following occupations have been added to the E-LMO list:

    Steamfitters and pipefitters
    Heavy-duty equipment mechanics
    Industrial electricians
    Surveyor helpers
    Commercial janitors and caretakers
    Specialized cleaners
    Mechanical engineers
    Civil engineers
    Electrical and electronics engineers
    Petroleum engineers
    Mechanical engineering technologists
    Industrial meat cutters
    Courier drivers
    Residential cleaning and support workers
    Tour and travel guides
    Manufacturing and processing labourers

The 12 occupations originally covered by E-LMO were: carpenters, crane operators, construction labourers, hotel front desk clerks, food and beverage servers; food counter attendants, food service supervisors, registered nurses, dental technicians, pharmacists, snowboard and ski instructors, and retail sales persons and sales clerks.

Expansion of the program recognizes the challenges faced by employers in recruiting for the newly-included positions.