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Expedited Processing for Foreign Workers

Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC)/Service Canada (SC) has implemented a pilot project in British Columbia and Alberta to expedite the processing of Labour Market Opinions (LMO) for the following occupations:

    Dental Technicians
    Registered Nurses
    Ski and Snowboard
    Journeyman/Woman Crane Operators
    Journeyman/Woman Carpenters
    Hotel and Hospitality Room Attendants
    Tour and Travel Guides
    Hotel Front Desk Clerk
    Retail Salespersons and Sales
    Food Counter Attendants
    Food and Beverage Servers

This process enable employers to obtain labour market opinions in three to five days as opposed to the current processing time of three to five months. If you have additional questions, please phone or email Paul D. McLean of our office.