The fundamentals of termination provisions


Termination provisions in employment contracts limit an employee’s rights to notice, severance or termination pay in lieu of notice. Employers with properly drafted contracts can reduce uncertainty upon termination. Without termination clauses, damages awarded can potentially be significant.

This webinar with Harris lawyers, Jaime Hoopes and Alyssa Paez, will provide you with some essential knowledge when it comes to termination provisions, and will cover:

  • Common pitfalls with drafting termination provisions
  • What is the employment standards reasonable notice
  • Things to consider when providing notice that exceeds employment standards
  • Common reasonable notice and the¬†Bardal¬†factors
  • Recent case law updates



  • Type Webinar
  • Date February 5, 2019
  • Time 8:00 am - 9:00 am
  • Location Online (GoToWebinar)
  • Cost Complimentary
  • Includes Online materials