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BC seniors' council to consider mandatory retirement issue

In the 2005 throne speech, the BC Provincial Government committed to establishing a special council to work on areas of interest to seniors. According to the Government, British Columbia has one of the fastest growing seniors’ populations in Canada. Recently, the Government announced that efforts are now underway to establish the Premier’s Council on Aging and Seniors’ Issues.

The mandate of the Council is to promote “the best quality of life” for BC seniors by focusing on a variety of issues relating to seniors’ quality of life and the lifestyle. Of particular interest to employers is the responsibility of Council to consider the issue of mandatory retirement.

The Council will be chaired by Dr. Patricia Baird and will consist of up to twenty members. It is intended that the Council will provide an interim report and preliminary directions by May 31, 2006, and recommendations for the future by September 30, 2006.


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