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Anaphylaxis Protection Order for Students Introduced by Government

The BC Ministry of Education recently enacted the “Anaphylaxis Protection Order” (Ministerial Order M232/07), which requires School Districts to develop and implement policies for managing anaphylaxis in schools. The new policies will deal with identifying risk, emergency procedures, record keeping, storage and administration of medication and allergy awareness education.

The Order is the result of a comprehensive consultation process between the Ministry and stakeholders, including Anaphylaxis Canada, the Allergy/Asthma Information Association, the BCMA, health authorities, health officers, educators, trustees and parents, which lead to the development of a rigorous provincial framework for managing anaphylaxis in schools (the “Anaphylaxis Child Health and Safety Framework”). Many boards of education in BC already have comprehensive strategies and policies which address anaphylaxis issues affecting students. However, the new Ministerial Order now makes such policies and procedures mandatory.

Ontario implemented a similar law in 2006 after a student died when she suffered a severe allergic reaction to food served in her school.

(Click here for Ministerial Order)